The Charlotte Street Arts Centre is a unique community of entrepreneurs in the arts, culture and wellness sectors, as well as provincial arts and culture organizations, and individual artists in a wide variety of disciplines (music, dance, new media, visual arts, etc). The Charlotte Street Arts Centre facility is owned and operated by Fredericton Arts & Learning, Inc., a registered nonprofit charity. Our CRA charitable business number is 861454080RP0001.

The Charlotte Street Arts Centre officially opened for business as an arts facility in 2005, and in 2006 became part of the Local Historic Places Register (municipal). The Charlotte Street Arts Centre acquired Provincial Historic Site status in 2009.

In 2008, the Foyer, front staircases and landings on two floors of the CSAC were officially established as the Charlotte Glencross Gallery (in honour of founding member Charlotte Glencross who passed away October 2007). Regular exhibitions are featured in this space and have been since 2006. In 2009, as part of the City of Fredericton/ Canadian Heritage Cultural Capitals 2009 projects, we developed our backyard into a Culture Garden, featuring high caliber outdoor installation art.

Our administrative offices are located in the new accessibility wing of the building, and are open 9:30am until 1pm, Monday to Friday. The centre is open seven days a week, typically until 9pm or later, depending on events happening in the facility.


Le Centre d'Arts de la rue Charlotte est une communauté unique d'entrepreneurs dans les arts, la culture et secteurs du bien-être, ainsi qu’un vaste réseau artistiques et culturels provinciaux et d’artistes individuels d’une grande variété de disciplines; musique, danse, nouveaux médias, arts visuels, etc.

Le centre dispose d'un auditorium et d’une salle polyvalente à louer aux groupes communautaires, des organismes gouvernementaux et d'affaires, arts et organismes culturels et de particulier. Notre Auditorium se vante d’acoustique supérieure, notre système d'éclairage de scène est ultramoderne et notre piano à queue Yamaha est le meilleur dans la ville pour un usage public. Notre bâtiment historique offre un cadre magnifique pour les événements allant de présentations théâtrales, conférences, mariages et bien plus encore. La Galerie de Glencross de Charlotte qui propose régulièrement des expositions est également dans le bâtiment. En 2009, nous avons développé notre arrière-cour dans un jardin de la Culture, mettant en vedette l’art de l’installation, à l'extérieur, de haut calibre.


The Charlotte Street Arts Centre sustains, promotes and develops the arts by providing access to an essential hub of professional resources, facilities and dynamic programming within the New Brunswick community. As one of Fredericton’s primary cultural centres, the Charlotte Street Arts Centre:

  • promotes awareness of and appreciation for the arts and culture by providing access to educational opportunities for the public, including marginalized groups;

  • contributes to and shapes the meaning of excellence in the arts through quality programming, such as workshops, performances and exhibitions;

  • continues to raise awareness about the Charlotte Street Arts Centre by way of fundraising events, open houses, professional partnerships, and by maintaining a high profile media presence;

  • will expand the Charlotte Street Arts Centre to better accommodate a broader base of presentation and arts-oriented venues, and attract a wider audience to the facility;

  • will develop a solid, active membership, including a volunteer program, which is organized by a committed volunteer Board of Directors and a strong technical/ administrative staff;

  • will establish long-term stability in terms of operational funding, community networks and outreach.


To function as a non-profit organization, governed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors, in order to:

  • maintain and continue to improve the Charlotte Street Arts Centre facility by staffing the facility, collaborating with stakeholders and by securing developmental and operational funding municipally, provincially and federally;

  • actively contribute to community cultural development by raising funds for quality programming, and facilitating delivery by professionals in the arts;

  • provide educational activities and opportunities in the arts;

  • provide access to resources for arts professionals, arts/culture organizations and the public;

  • promote arts and culture in order to develop an audience for the arts.