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CSAC Exhibition Opening: Nathan Cann & Glenn Shaver

Join us on Thursday, May 9 from 5-7pm for the exhibition opening of Nathan Cann in the Charlotte Glencross Gallery & Glenn Shaver in the Penny Gallery!!

Nathan Cann:
"Nathan Cann is a maritime born artist who dabbles in new media and experimental chemical printmaking both green and toxic. After finishing his undergrad at Mount Allison University, New Brunswick; and receiving the BMO Art1st Provincial award, Nathan left the maritimes to witness the rest of Canada and explore new merits outside of artistic practice. Current work focuses on the haunting of lands, particularly within the Maritimes, by means of monotypes and industry. "

Glenn Shaver:
"I am a local artist whom graduated from the NBCCD crafts college in 2015 and afterward, took two internships one at Covey Basics, and the other in NBCC for the ALSC Applied studies internship course in base Gagetown from 2016-2017.
During my internship at Covey Basic I had the opportunity of designing and printing graphics and logos for both vinyl and clothing. I also had a similar experience in the ALSC internship, where I made graphic content for the DND training schools and also designed for the Military police. Some examples are a brochure for the base Gagetown public affairs office, Banners for the military police, and a bulletin for the Armored training school.

After graduating from my internship, I started work as a freelance graphic designer doing things such as designing posters for the Fergusson foundation in Fredericton and some volunteer work for the Fredericton Marathon.

Aside from graphic design, I also paint in watercolor and acrylic as a job and hobby.

I first began painting with watercolor in the craft college and then continued advancing my skillset in the two-day yearly event of Paint the Hartland NB.
Because of my increasing interest, I continue to participate in the event submitting and selling my work in their gallery.
Recently have also even joined a painting class taught by renowned painter Lloyd Fitzgerald. Within this class, I have learned new techniques in acrylic and as of now, some of my work sits in the playhouse galley along with others who participate in his class.

As of now, I work on commissions both in Acrylic painting, and computer graphics. It is my dream to continue and become successful as an acrylic painter and graphic designer.
I would say I am very comfortable in my position in the arts as my passion for it stems from childhood onwards. As far back as I can remember I have always had a fascination in pictures and drawing, which transferred well throughout my school years that when graduating from high school, I received a fine arts certificate and a small bit of funding. "