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Is a nonprofit organization that owns and operates the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, facilitates a variety of arts presentations, organizes yearly free arts-based educational outreach programming (ArtReach) and funds the annual Charlotte Glencross Scholarship for Professional Development in the Arts.

Fredericton Arts & Learning is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, which includes a fair representation of individuals from varying business, arts and multicultural communities. The board also has representation from the municipal and provincial levels.

Fredericton Arts & Learning, Inc was founded and incorporated in 2001 and became a registered charity in 2002. The purpose for the establishment of the organization was to work to meet the community’s need for an arts centre and for more arts programming. FAL officially took ownership of the Charlotte Street School in 2004, renaming it the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, after 2-3 years of planning and fundraising.


As an arts organization situated in the Capital Region, Fredericton Arts & Learning, Inc (FAL) facilitates the development of arts and culture locally, provincially, nationally and internationally through our fundamental services and presentation programs:

  • Charlotte Street Arts Centre facility

  • ArtReach programming

  • Charlotte Glencross Scholarship for Professional Development in the Arts

  • Artist-in-Residence program

  • Charlotte Glencross Gallery

  • Culture Garden


The Charlotte Street Arts Centre (CSAC) is one of the cornerstones of Fredericton’s cultural community. We strive to make arts experiences available to all. To grow in our mission, we need to adapt our historic 1884 building to be more accessible to all, regardless of age or ability. We’re also improving our public spaces so that CSAC can offer a first class experience for small venue performances.