Summer Painting Class- July 10th-August 14th 2018

This class is now FULL

Get creative this summer! Sign up for the Summer Painting Class at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, a 6-week painting course designed for adults of all levels and abilities. Using acrylic paint, students will investigate a variety of techniques and styles-- portraiture, abstraction, landscape, and more! Classes are fun, informative, and designed to develop the skills, techniques, and concepts to empower students to realize their own creative potential. Sign up soon--space is limited! Call 506-454-6952, or email to register or for more information.

Instructor Jared Peters has many years teaching art in Ontario and New Brunswick, and has exhibited regularly throughout Canada.  He has a BFA from NSCAD, an MFA from Western University, was a semifinalist in the 2011 RBC Canadian Painting Competition, and his work can be found in collections across Canada, including the NB Art Bank. Check out his work here:



July 17, 2017

Girls Rock Camp 2017

Charlotte Street Arts Centre's very first rock camp for girls ages 11-18 this summer from August 21st-25th.  We are teaming up with amazing (wo)mentors from the local music community to offer five days of workshops, band practice and art based learning that will be capped off with a concert featuring our campers.  

If you know someone who might be interested in participating and would like more information on the camp, contact Eva at

To Apply:
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Explorations: NBCCD Watercolour Exhibit

Explorations: NBCCD Watercolour Exhibit

April 11, 2017

Explorations : Watercolour and Collage

April 12 to May 8, 2017

 " As a Jewellery and metals student, working with watercolour was a challenge in the beginning as it is such a soft and unpredictable medium. After some time I learned how it could be used to influence a certain mood or feeling.  I really enjoy creating an alternative atmosphere or reality in my paintings."
Hillary Parlee

 Draw 2902: Watercolour is an elective course for First Year Diploma students as a complement to their Studio majors.   The students have already completed their Foundation Year covering fundamentals of art and design.  Then in their Diploma Years, their major focus is on their Studio work, but they also get to choose a few elective courses that introduce some different materials and approaches.

Watercolours are greatly admired for their fluidity and transparency, and for their sparkling, bold or delicate colours.  They are a joy to paint with, but not necessarily easy to handle.  The first part of this course presents traditional techniques to build some control with the medium.  The second part of the course, which everyone enjoys, allows for more experimenting and freedom, using different applications of the paint, mixing media, and some funky collage.

This exhibit showcases some paintings and collage work from the students in the fall 2017 class.  Their work displays their individuality.

Artists Exhibiting:

Melissa Booker
Rachel Egli
Frankie Francis
Kelsey Hines
Kyle Kirby
Emma McKinney
Catherine Padget
Hillary Parlee
Mary Piper
Lydia Porter
Amanda Smith
Anja Sucura
Jillian Trentowsky
Haley Kropf-MacDonald