Comedy @ CSAC (Round 3) - April 12th

“On April 12th, another round of funny people want to stand in front of you and make you laugh!! ... I mean, if you want to of course #nopressure. THIS TIME we are bringing in a hilarious comedian from Toronto (via Ireland) Páraic Scully!! He will be joined by some classics like Brian Conoley, Maggie Estey, and your host Courtney Steeves. AND we are super excited that Nat Armstrong and Jason McIntyre are joining us this time!! If you can't tell by the excessive exclaimation points and capital letters we are REALLY pumped!!! ....!!! “


Tickets are available online & at the CSAC main office (hours: 9:30am-1pm, Monday-Friday).
Get your online tickets HERE!

For more information, check out the FACEBOOK EVENT