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Charlotte Street Arts Centre provides barrier-free programming to individuals and groups who would not normally have access to the arts.  All ArtReach programs are offered free of charge to our partner organizations and are facilitated by professional artists.  Our artist pool includes the best of Fredericton’s professional and emerging artists, who are fairly remunerated for their time.  Funding for the ArtReach program comes from the Province of New Brunswick, The Government of Canada, Isaac’s Way, The Fredericton Community Foundation, SOCAN, River Jam Fundraisers, The New Brunswick Children’s Foundation and private donors. 




  • New Horizons multi-disciplenary art & theatre programming w/seniors from Evelyn Grove Manor and students from George Street Middle School
  • Ekpahak Summer Camp
  • NB Girls Rock Camp 
  • FEST FORWARD emerging musicians music festival 
  • Shivering Songs Songwriter's Intensive
  • Group art classes and one on one art therapy for youth from Fredericton Mental Health.
  • Boys and Girls Club music w/Stephen Lewis
  • Open Your Art creative workshops with Chrysalis House
  • Working with the MultiCultural Association of Fredericton to bring together all newcomers in launching and creating a video engaging communities together.


The benefit to the participants of the ArtReach programs run at Liberty Lane was the therapeutic value of art.  Women at Liberty Lane often report feelings of low self-image and having experiences where their voice/true self was stifled or ignored while living with an abusive partner.  The ArtReach programs provided skills the women could be proud of and opportunities to express themselves in ways they never imagined.”- Fiona Williams, Executive Director, Liberty Lane

The workshop has been a tremendous compliment to the service that we provide for our Mental Health clients. I have been so pleased to be able to witness, first-hand, the incredible benefits that the children received from the program. The guidance and support that the children have received from the local artists has been immeasureable and the quality of the workshop has been outstanding and is very much appreciated.” - Jo-Anne L. Dunphy, Community Human Services Counsellor, Child and Adolescent Team, Fredericton Mental Health Centre

Our parents appreciate the avenue of opportunity that a free of charge arts-based education offers their children during critical stages of emotional development. Our staff members enjoy watching the children interact with local artists and FAL staffers in a unique and safe environment that fosters expression and a chance for the children to engage in the creative thinking process with each other.”- Lisa Roy, Senior Program Director, Boys & Girls Club of Fredericton

Creating and making art can be a healing and therapeutic process. Art based acitivities can not only heighten creativity and enrich children’s lives but they are also aw ay children can express themselves safely and achieve better self-awareness.”- Tiffany Yerxa, RN BN, Community Mental Health Nurse, Fredericton Mental Health Centre


Watching the children engage in the creative process, use their imaginations and work together toward common goals was uplifting and inspiring. The kids really responded well to having an outside instructor come in and share something specialized and new; the staff was truly appreciative for the community support.”- Celine Gorham, visual artist

Together we built a safe and challenging environment where the young women were able to develop their own writing processes, and connect with their emotions using written and visual language. By trusting each other, and by creating our own goals and structures, the participants self-conscious feelings transformed into something truly remarkable.”-  Alison Murphy, writer and artist

Our rural/urban exchange—facilitated by Fredericton Arts and Learning—was an incredible opportunity for me to share not only my art practice, but the rhythm of my rural everyday, as well as many of the strategies for sustainability we are implementing as a community here in South Knowlesville.”- Yolande Clark, potter and writer

The children learned artistic principles, gained technical skills involved in production of animation and each child had a high level of participation. I strongly support Fredericton Arts & Learning and the important, artistic, social, and cultural role they have in Fredericton and surrounding areas.”- Larry Mersereau, Creative Director, AniDraw Animation Studios

I feel that ArtReach is so very rewarding for both participants and artists. Whan an incredible synergistic means of nurturing the individual and community at a heart level. We are nurturing our future. These artists are sharing many ways to speak, and these participants are using what they learn from artists to voice their own truth with reduced fear in a safe and supportive environment.”- AeronGeorgina, devotional artist