Courtney started working at Charlotte Street Arts Centre in October of 2015, and is honoured to be moving into the Executive Director’s role. Having just grown up around the corner from the centre, Courtney feels at home with the community and loves the chance to further the cultural and artistic growth of the neighbourhood. Charlotte Street Arts Centre is continuing to make huge impacts on the community arts, and the staff here at CSAC is so excited to be part it.



New to the Fredericton community, Dominique is delighted to join the Charlotte Street Arts Centre team! She studied in Leisure Management at l’Université de Moncton and earned her degree in May 2018. Over the years, Dominique has worked with Parks Canada, the City of Dieppe, had an internship with Music New Brunswick and managed the band Nebullama. She is beyond excited to be the new Community Manager as she always been passionate about cultural events and bringing people together. She believes that the combination of arts, culture and leisure is the best therapy. Dominique is honoured to be able to contribute to the community through the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.



With over ten years’ experience working with Nationally and Internationally recognized youth & community serving organizations, Eva is now overseeing the social development programming at Charlotte Street Arts Centre as ArtReach Program Manager.  As a community connector, she loans her time to the planning and organizing of two growing music festivals and is also a member of the Youth in Transition board.  After taking a brief hiatus from community work in 2014-2015 to have a sweet baby boy, Winston, Eva is very excited to be back working in the non-profit sector.



Jerry-Faye Flatt is a third-year journalism and communications student attending St. Thomas University. She has an intense adoration for all things art and is thrilled to have a summer position at CSAC that combines all of her talents into one job. Working under Eva George as the ArtReach Program Assistant, Jerry-Faye is helping organize the 2018 Girls+ Rock Camp. She comes from a long family background of musicians and has been performing music publicly since she was just five years old. Flatt also has a passion for writing and is going to be The Aquinian arts editor for the 2018-2019 academic year. In her spare time, she enjoys taking photos, playing in bands, driving around in her red 1981 Ford van and hanging out with her cats. Her dream job is to be the future host of CBC’s radio show “q.”