Courtney started working at Charlotte Street Arts Centre in October of 2015, and is honoured to be the Executive Director at CSAC. Having just grown up around the corner from the centre, Courtney feels at home with the community and loves furthering the cultural and artistic contribution to the neighbourhood. Charlotte Street Arts Centre is continuing to make a huge impact in the community arts, and with the new Accessibility Project almost complete, the opportunities are even better.



With over ten years’ experience working with Nationally and Internationally recognized youth & community serving organizations, Eva is now overseeing the social development programming at Charlotte Street Arts Centre as ArtReach Program Manager.  As a community connector, she loans her time to the planning and organizing of two growing music festivals and is also a member of the Youth in Transition board.  After taking a brief hiatus from community work in 2014-2015 to have a sweet baby boy, Winston, Eva is very excited to be back working in the non-profit sector.



Born and raised in Fredericton, Tim has been working at the centre full time since 2008 and has enjoyed working and meeting people from around the world. As the building superintendent Tim has had to help solve the different and unique challenges that come with working at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre. It has been a pleasure for Tim to see the variety in staff as positions have changed over the years and he has been able to see all of the exciting changes at the Centre. 



Matt is ecstatic to be joining the CSAC team as the new Events Coordinator for the next 6 months! Having lived in Fredericton his entire life, as well as being an artist himself, he feels a strong connection with both the community and the arts. Matt strives to grow and learn as much as possible during his time at the centre. After graduating from LHHS he joined the Foundation Visual Arts program at New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. Soon after leaving the college he began taking online art classes so that he could hone his skills as an artist and prepare for his dream job of becoming the Concept Artist for Games and Film. Matt focuses on fantasy artwork and character concepts through traditional and digital mediums. In his spare time Matt enjoys watching classic horror films, spending time with his friends and family, and working on collaborative projects with other artist and writers.